Goto always uses the fare structure you currently use. If you're a rank driver, you'll be paid rank rates (including surcharges for evening and holiday work). If you're a private hire driver, you'll be paid based on the fare charged by your dispatcher. For most regions, this is a percentage above the rank rate.

We calculate your payment using the distance driven and speed, as tracked by the app. The basic formula is:

Pickup (e.g. £3.00) + Distance (e.g. 15 units x 21p) + Time (e.g 2 units x 21p) = £6.57

This is the same way your built-in taximeter works, ours is identical, just app based.

From your fare, we then subtract our fee (5%). If you're a private hire driver, and have a fare split agreement with your dispatcher (e.g. 50/50), your dispatchers split will be automatically subtracted at the same time.

The final fare is then credited to your account. You can view all ride payments in Payments section of your app. At any time, you can withdraw to your bank account via the Withdrawals tab, provided you have the minimum balance (£50).

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