Please note before removing a vehicle:

  • Removing a vehicle from a region doesn't delete the underlying vehicle, remove it from any other regions, or delete any documents for it
  • The vehicle won't be removed from the region until you resubmit the enrolment and it is approved
  • Vehicle will be automatically deleted when they are no longer attached to any regions, and the documents associated with that vehicle will also be removed.

To remove a vehicle:

  • Open the side menu by clicking on the menu icon
  • Click "Settings"
  • Click "Edit driver profile"
  • Select the region you want to remove a vehicle from. If the region status isn't pending, click "edit driver profile" at the bottom. To see information on how to unsubmit an enrollment click here.
  • Select the vehicle you'd like to remove
  • Click "remove vehicle from region"
  • Repeat for each region you'd like to remove the vehicle from
  • Submit each region for approval
  • Our team will then review and approve your changes.
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