Before you can start driving, you'll need to upload various documents so we can verify your eligibility to drive. You'll need to provide documents for each region. To view the requirements for each region:

  • Open the side menu by clicking on the menu icon
  • Click "Settings"
  • Click "Edit driver profile"
  • Select the region you want enroll in

A list of documents that are required will be shown. A green check indicates the document has been successfully uploaded. If you uploaded the wrong document, or want to submit a different one, you can do so following the same process as for uploading a new document. 

  • If the region status (indicated top right) is not Pending,  you'll need to unsubmit it before you can make changes. Click "edit driver profile" at the bottom
  • Select the document you want to upload. For vehicle documents, you'll need to select the vehicle first. 
  • Take photo of the document or upload an existing photo from your library
  • Enter any information from the document requested

Once you've provided all documents, you'll be able to submit your enrollment for approval by clicking "submit enrollment". 

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